The “12 Weeks to Become” is for those who know they are capable of BECOMING more of their potential, but seem to have invisible walls or emotional blocks keeping them from breaking through. Our unique process helps awaken self-value and remove layers of conditioning that have not been serving you. This will get you back in touch with your true essence and power. You will gain the awareness and tools to master your own thinking and emotional states that will naturally invite more abundance and success in all areas of life. Your life’s vision and purpose will become clear to you and you will have the tools to bring your dreams into reality.

The 4 Pillars of health are a part of this process to include diet, nutrition, sound sleep, exercise and stress reduction. Coaching is unique to you and inspired because of the connection with true principles and your individual emotions that wash away debris as you shed old habits and then adopt greater health and clarity for a truly holistic rejuvenation of mind body and spirit. Composing this new foundation for your life’s masterpiece will enhance relationships, health, prosperity and bring fulfillment for yourself and those you love. You will leave a legacy, and they will love you for it!

Pivot Coaching Solutions formula for success is the “SELF” method: Selfless Service, Self-Leadership, Self-mastery and Self-care.

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About Andy Nelson,
Certified Master Coach

Andy Nelson is experienced in health and fitness as a Chiropractic Physician, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, and an Apeiron Epigenetic Human Potential Coach since 2000. He is a Competent ToastMaster and a BSA Personal Fitness Merit Badge Counselor who has lectured on health subjects from A-Z, and walks the talk of health and fitness, with a desire to be young and play with his grandchildren. Andy has always sought the underlying cause, preaching the potential pitfalls of drugs and surgery, and the philosophy of working in harmony with the body. 

Thousands of people have sought out Andy over the past 20 years for answers to their pain, physically, emotionally and nutritionally. He regularly went the extra mile to help them, many times researching specific answers to challenging problems that other practitioners had missed. Individualized lifestyle medicine based on your genetic blueprint is his new passion for combining science with natural healing and state of the art data, to bring novel results-based discoveries that offer insights into the human experience, with the ultimate goal of joy as our final destination.

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Andy Nelson, Certified Master Coach


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