Angela Duckworth wrote a best-selling book called GRIT which outlines the secret to outstanding achievement, not as talent, but a special blend of passion and persistence. The acronym GRIT also serves as a metaphor for overcoming and becoming, without succumbing. Guts-Resilience-Initiative-Tenacity is a brilliant recipe for success, and has little to do with our natural abilities, but sculpts and finishes over time with effort and grace. Grit is also an agent used to polish wood and stone. It comes in different coarseness, and based on the amount of polishing needed, can roughly etch or finely smooth, based on the material.

Raw Material

The material I am referring to is our mind, body and spirit. In short, we are here for our character and being to Overcome and Become through refinement  in order to be more whole and complete. We all have differing levels of GRIT that we need in order to learn the lessons we are here to learn. Applying GRIT is not always easy, but necessary if we want to progress and improve, to Become something more beautiful inside and out.


Please join me as I host  an on-line summit all about Overcoming without Succumbing. You are the creator of your circumstances and  the composer of your life, not the victim of your nature because you have the power to change who you are, and alter the expression of Your Divine Code, to create your life’s masterpiece.


The solution is to Overcome and Become! Becoming is a powerful message of hope and faith to turn weaknesses into strengths by expressing more fully who we are and why we are here. Our physical and spiritual DNA can be altered through a “switch.” Applying GRIT can be that switch, or change that we need in order to grow.

Being Real

Being authentic and open to the realization that Your Divine Code is programmed for limitless progression, despite our perceived finite capacity, is empowering. Our limitless spiritual and temporal DNA are combined here to grow in an enriched environment that includes opposition and joy. Yes, GRIT is necessary to sand and finish our final masterpiece to have joy throughout eternity, leaving a legacy to Behold.


I invite you to find out more about GRIT by joining me in this movement called “Overcome or Succumb; the Power of Epigenetics and the Emotional Connection.” I’ve given you the why. Now, here’s the rest:

When: Replay Weekend: May 15, 2020.

Where: In the comfort of your own home or office.

How: Sign up to Become more today at