Coaching Packages

A La Carte


Foundation Blueprint

Includes a DNA test kit plus an in-depth 3-panel epigenetic report and a 60-minute coaching call. Together we will review your results to include your NutritionSupplementation and Sleep optimization reports for enhanced health and well-being. The key is understanding and implementation through the human interface of the consultation with a Certified Epigenetic Human Performance Coach. A personalized  and customized report will be delivered after the consultation.

Total Optimization Blueprint

Adds an additional 3-panel epigenetic reports: Exercise Performance, Environmental Detoxification and Hormone optimization. 30 minutes of additional coaching is also included (90 minutes total) to the Foundation Blueprint.

Functional Health Report (FHR)

Customized blood work and lab analysis that includes an easy-to-read report which ranks imbalances, provides explanations and possible “root” causes for those imbalances. A blood test history report offers the last 7 blood tests side by side for progressive comparison tracking. The FHR includes credible, evidence-based analysis, peer-reviewed lab “optimal ranges” and 20 Indices of Functional Health. Best of all, the FHR provides a personalized Health Improvement Plan with nutritional supplementation recommendations specifically targeted to your unique biochemistry.

Emotion Code Coaching

Twelve 1-on-1 emotional fitness sessions to release the obstacles that are keeping you stuck or blocking your progress. Much like an advanced search on your hard drive, where your life’s history of experiences are archived, to locate the bad sectors or corrupted files and then remove them forever. Healing has never been simpler, and without talk therapy that dredges up the past. Like peeling an onion, we remove layer by layer of stress and negativity to de-fragment and clean your hard drive, for a lighter and fresher new beginning to life.

“8 Weeks To Be” Group Coaching Program

To Be Legacy psychologists and coaches set out to create this revolutionary 56-day conditioning program to be the most efficient pathway for positive change. Our unique process helps awaken awareness of self-value and remove layers of conditioning that have not been serving you. This will get you back in touch with your true essence and power that leads to more happiness and success in all areas of life. Your life’s vision and purpose will become clear to you and you will have the tools to bring your dreams into reality. Group Zoom calls are held once per week for 8 weeks, with a private app that archives the answers to the questions asked, and creates a journal that is forever yours to remind you of your life’s mission, vision and goals.

To Be Legacy “Living in Excellence” Group Coaching

Weekly Zoom calls that extend and magnify the “12 Weeks To Become” personal development program for on-going support, much like a mastermind group for a collaborative benefit to progress and grow.

4 Pillars of Wellness Coaching

After you complete the 8 Weeks To Be, you will learn health coaching on the wellness paradigm of: Eat Well (diet/nutrition) , Move Well (exercise), Sleep Well (rest) & Feel Well (stress/emotions). Data retrieved from DNA/epigenetic testing and/or the lab analysis with the Functional Health Report (FHR) can greatly enhance this coaching experience.


Bundled Package Programs

“12 Weeks To Become” Essential Personal Development Program

The “8 Weeks To Be” course is combined with the 4 Pillars of  Wellness* and emotional healing (using The Emotion Code)  for a highly personalized and integrative experience in twelve 1-on-1 60-minute sessions. This program is powerful, yet simple. Designed to condition healthy habits, behaviors and beliefs that empower you to step into your higher potential. By spending just 15-30 minutes per day, and 1 additional hour per week via Zoom with Andy Nelson, you will uncover your authenticity and wisdom that has always been inside you. You will discover your capacity of “becoming” more by removing walls or emotional blocks that have been keeping you from breaking through insurmountable barriers. You will gain awareness and tools to master your own thinking and emotional states that will naturally invite more abundance and success in all areas of your life.

“12 Weeks To Become” Foundation Personal Development Program

The Foundation Blueprint combines the 3-panel epigenetic report on your Nutrition, Supplementation and Sleep optimization. This builds on the Essential program for greater insights into your genetic predispositions and environmental changes to balance your health through lifestyle medicine. One month of Living in Excellence group coaching is also included.

“12 Weeks To Become” Total Optimization Personal Development Program

The ultimate program that adds Exercise Performance, Environmental Detoxification and Hormone optimization epigenetic panels to the Essential and Foundation Programs above. In addition, custom lab testing at your local LabCorp (blood draw incl.) with the Functional Health Report (FHR) will give you a current perspective on your health landscape to overlay onto your genetic data for a complete picture of your health and how to gain greater insights into your genetic predispositions and environmental changes to enhance your health through lifestyle medicine. Also includes 1 month of the Living in Excellence group coaching.

Andy Nelson, Certified Master Coach

He can be reached for personal development coaching by emailing, by calling (928)848-1962, or by visiting the contact page.

*Note:  All coaching is scheduled via and conducted on Zoom link: