Andy Nelson talks about the Divine Code
Understanding Your Genetic Blueprint

Andy Nelson, Certified Master Coach

Andy Nelson, Certified Master Coach was raised in a fun and happy home, but health and nutrition were not always his family’s first priority. Running Cross Country was his first High School sport, which has continued his whole life. An interest in exercise and natural healing became more important as a husband and father, particularly after the birth of his fourth son, a home birth, that he really considered the value of health and wellness.

Andy’s children had suffered with asthma and ear infections for years and the related complications of prolonged antibiotics and medications. His wife, Sally, said she needed to pitch a tent and camp out in the pediatrician’s office. No one’s health was improving and the causes of the family’s ailments were not being addressed. The family was introduced to chiropractic from a dear “kooky” friend who had suggested for a long time that they check out her Chiropractor. At that time Sally felt they had nothing to lose in doing so, and they experienced wonderful results!

With regular chiropractic care, the family’s health and quality of life improved so dramatically that they no longer needed to use antibiotics or other medications. They did not fully understand the reason for the wonderful change in their health but recognized what a blessing it was. As a family they decided to share that blessing with others and change direction completely by letting “dad” attend Chiropractic school at age 36. The family sacrificed their new home, finances and their extended family for several years, by moving to Houston to invest in a Graduate education, with a great deal of effort and study. Child # five and their only daughter, another home birth, came into the world while in Chiropractic College! This amazing education started Andy’s love of continual learning and of passionately sharing the benefits of natural healing and wellness with others. As a Competent ToastMaster and BSA Personal Fitness Merit Badge Counselor, he has lectured on health subjects from A-Z, and walks the talk of health and fitness, with a desire to be young and play with his 6++ grandchildren. Andy has always sought the underlying cause, preaching the potential pitfalls of drugs and surgery, and the philosophy of working in harmony with the body.

Over 20 years, thousands of people have sought out Andy for answers to their pain, physically, emotionally and nutritionally. He regularly went the extra mile to help them, many times researching specific answers to challenging problems that other practitioners had missed. Lifestyle medicine based on your genetic blueprint, also called biohacking, is part of his new passion to include novel scientific discoveries that offer insights into the human experience, with the ultimate goal of joy as our final destination.

Becoming a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner enabled Andy, to help many people whose pain originated from hidden emotional distress. As an Apeiron Epigenetic Human Potential Coach, Andy recognizes the amazing intelligence in our DNA, and calls it Your Divine Code. He has been able to help patients unlock their genetic blueprint and assist them in making very specific lifestyle changes to optimize and enhance health to the next level. Reducing one’s predisposition for illness and disease by modifying the expression of our Divine Code is life altering and empowering, with limitless potential for resilient health and well-being.