We use whole food, plant-based, pre-digested nutrition that is professionally formulated for the greatest absorption and delivery of the most nutrients, and then customize those nutrients to your specific needs. We do this through bloodwork and the Functional Health Report (FHR), Nutrigenomic DNA testing and food sensitivity testing.

Whole food nutrition contains all the vitamins, minerals and trace minerals, enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics co-factors that work functionally in your body. Enzymatic breakdown of these whole foods makes for a nutrient dense, concentrated and bio-available form of nutrition that far exceeds isolated, fractionated or synthetic nutritional supplements. Professional grade means that these products are only sold trough doctors by world class nutritionists, and the integrity of the materials are of the highest standards. Lastly, accessing your nutrition directly without having to come into an office to purchase, allows for product on demand and at your discretion.

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